Rustic wedding party table flowers set in coral and ivory

VEN Decor Handmade

Set of 9 rustic table flowers- 3 large in coral for LED candles (LED NOT included) and 6 small in ivory. The colors are customizable, write your choice in notes to your order.
Perfect for rustic, barn, country wedding or event table decorations! 

100% Handmade

Handcrafted, shaped, and molded to mimic the beauty of nature! Each flower sits in base made of wire and natural twine, each petal is meticulously cut and formed by hand into an elegant flower.

Custom orders are welcome! If you wish different colors leave me a note to seller at checkout or email me at

Bigger flowers height approx 2.75in (7cm), small flowers height approx 1.77in (4.5cm). I made them of wire, twine and italian crepe paper.

Please note I ship from Bulgaria, Europe and delivery to US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand may take up to 3 weeks. Delivery time to UK and EU is 10-15 days. The package have tracking number and will be delivered via your national Post.

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