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I am Nadezhda, Nadia in short, the designer and maker behind VEN Decor Handmade.

Living in Bulgaria, Europe with my son and husband and working in my home studio. 
Few years ago after I had my son and I was staying at home mom I discovered Etsy. In this moment I decided that now is the time to give it a try. My love to paper and wood found its place and I wanted to turn my creativity into a business. This is how VEN Decor Handmade was open and my first paper flowers and wood burned ornaments were born. Receiving great feedback from my customers I decided to open this stand alone site here and reach more customers.
There are ups and downs but I always do my best and do not loose confidence. My customers, their support and compliments for my work help me to keep that confidence.
I am proud of the efforts that I have put in my work process- creating, making, photographing, packaging each order, and I can not imagine getting up and not doing this every day.

Sending my work in different parts of the World makes me feel fulfill with joy and thankfull. A big Thank you to all my amazing customers!

Nadia- paper florist

Working on new paper flowers

new paper wall flowers


The communication is very important part for me, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or requests at

All my best,