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Custom paper flowers for wedding table decorations

Nadezhda Evgenieva custom orders DIY wedding flower centerpiece handmade rustic paper flowers rustic wedding decor wedding centerpiece

 Hi there,

I am working on orders and missing to write lately, so I made a collection of photos of few orders completed for you to see. Hope to give you some ideas and inspiration!

These are small paper flowers in different colors to bring a rustic touch to any wedding or party! They are perfect for table decor or centerpiece. Each one is made by hand by me with great attention to detail! The flowers have special base so they can stand alone and can be arranged by you at your table as you wish- unique details for DIY wedding centerpiece! You can use them with colorful candles, lanterns, wood slices and much more!



Welcome to comment which colors you like more, what you would like to see in my future posts or just to say "Hello"!



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